The forest friendly gift guide

The Forest-Friendly Gift Guide will help you find FSC-certified presents for all occasions – birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, etc. – and for different types of personalities: for example, for your romantic sister, your gourmet foodie mom, or your garden-loving uncle.


You can consult the gift ideas per personalities of the recipients. Click on the button “Buy the product” below the item description. You will then be re-directed to the website of the company supplying the item, where you will be able to purchase it easily and quickly.


The gift guide is also a great way to promote FSC-certified products in all their diversity, as we want to showcase as many types of products as possible: furniture, but also football, toys, shoes or gloves. So many products come from forests, so it’s important to shop sustainably!


If you are an FSC-certified company and would like to submit your certified products to the guide, please contact us via: You will need to send us a brief description of the product (100 words maximum) as well as its FSC license code (FSC-C followed by six digits) for consideration.




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