FSC Forest Week











FSC Forest Week is a global awareness campaign that drives appreciation of our forests and raise awareness about FSC’s work and highlights the role forest stewards, like you, have in fighting climate change and biodiversity loss by supporting sustainable forestry. 






This year, the campaign will take place from 21 -27 September under the theme 'Small steps together create big change for all'. It will  highlight how small daily actions help drive a big change for our planet - to combat these pressing crises.





The campaign is a great opportunity for your brand to engage with consumers and communities, inviting them to step up for our forests. By taking part of FSC Forest Week you can: 

  • Demonstrate to consumers that you are a trustworthy brand, actively safeguarding forests, wildlife and our climate.
  • Educate others by raising awareness of the value of FSC certification and how forests contribute to society's wellbeing. 
  • Inspire small steps that collectively deliver large impact for generations to come.





If you want to participate, please contact your local FSC team to register.


After registration, your local FSC team will share with you the relevant toolkit which includes all developed assets including: social media posts for the days leading up to the event to seed excitement, social media posts to be used during the campaign that cover different topics to keep you audience engaged, and a post-campaign post to thank your audience for their engagement.


Please keep in mind that prior to downloading any assets, you must register to participate.


Take a look at last year's campaign






Where can I find the 2024 assets?

Once you have registered to participate in the campaign, your local country team should provide you with the toolkit containing all assets created for the campaign. You can also visit the 'FSC Forest Week 2024' page in the marketing toolkit to download the toolkits. 

Which assets can I expect in FSC Forest Week 2024 toolkits?

Each toolkit contains the key visual, 11 social posts & copy (3 pre-campaign posts, 7 during campaign posts, & 1 post campaign post), digital and printable designs, an internal engagement presentation to encourage your staff to actively participate in the campaign, and a toolkit guide that will allow you to easily locate each asset. 


Can I choose which social posts I share each day or is there an order I must follow?

For the pre-campaign and post-campaign posts, we ask that you please post in the time frames mentioned in the toolkit guide. Please make sure not to post before or after the established dates. 

For the during-campaign posts, all posts, except post 7, can be posted any day of the campaign. Please note that we have provided a suggestion of which posts to share each day in the toolkit guide. FSC International will follow this order and we encourage you to do so as well.

Do I need to post everyday of the campaign? 

We highly encourage it since it is a great opportunity to showcase your sustainability efforts and commitments. However, this is not a requirement to participate in the campaign. You have the flexibility of posting as much or as little as you'd like.

Can I co-brand assets?

Yes! All assets, except videos, can be co-branded. The necessary open files are included in the toolkits.   

When adding your logo, you must ensure that you are respecting the relevant FSC trademark use standards and guidelines. Please do not make your logo size bigger than the FSC Logo and do not obstruct or add-on to the FSC Logo. 

What languages are assets provided in?

Assets are provided in English, French and Spanish. 



Do I need trademark approval to use the assets, even if I don't modify them?

Yes, you need to get trademark assets regardless of whether you use them as is or if you modify them. 

How do I get trademark approval?

If you hold a Project Certification, Forest Management Certification or Chain of Custody Certificate, you need to approach your certification body for review and approval of the FSC trademark use. 

If you hold a Promotional Licence or sponsor Ecosystem Services projects, you need to approach your Trademark Service Provider for review and approval of the FSC trademark use. 

Does trademark approval have any costs?

The usual approval process applies. Please contact your relevant certification body or Trademark Service Provider for further information.