The overlooked animals

The Overlooked Animals campaign gives voice to the forest creatures we never hear from: the bizarre, the different, the forgotten. Just like everybody else, they are looking for compassion and care.


FSC International is sharing their dating profiles to help them find companionship and to spread awareness about the important roles they play in their ecosystems. Click “START” to read their profiles and to give them a green heart if you like them or a red cross if you don’t. But remember to choose wisely, because the way we perceive them might determine their survival!


Did you know that the cute and the cuddly species of the world receive more funding for their conservation? They are well researched, and we know why it’s important to take care of them.


But often the overlooked species, such as the Aye-aye, are just as crucial for a healthy and balanced ecosystem. Unfortunately, many of us find their appearance rather puzzling and we let them, and their habitats perish in neglect.


Is there anything we can do to change the way we see these creatures?


YES! We can learn about them and learn to appreciate their unique roles on this planet.


And what better time than now? Click “START” in the slider above and embrace these beautiful oddities of nature!






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